Foolin' Everyone

Becky Reyes
Music & Lyrics by Becky Reyes


Foolin’ Everyone was written in 1997. I used to play at the Quarter Moon Coffee House and there was this artist who used to come in to hear me play. He always seemed to be reading a book, but I’d catch him peeking out from behind that book.


I’ve been walkin’ on this street
I’ve been lookin’ for your face
And I’m damn tired of singin’ love songs
When I’m not in love
Well you came onto my scene
Your eyes were glued to your book
You watched me out of the corner of your eye
No I did not notice, no I did not notice
And I did not notice the earthquake
And I did not notice the sun
And I did not notice the smile on my face
I was foolin’ everyone, foolin’ everyone
I’ve been listening to your voice
I’ve been thinkin’ about your smile
I’ve been thinkin’ how you light up the room
How you look at tme that way, look at me that way
I try to keep this heart from thumpin’
I try to keep these ears from ringin’
I try to keep my hopes from leavin’ this world
The thought of you makes, makes my senses swirl

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