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Becky Reyes

I am by trade, a musician. Around spring of 2014, as I began to think about semi-retiring as a musician, my thoughts turned to art. As a young woman I realized I had some skills but never dared to pursue a career in art, and opted for music instead. Now, after 30 years of music, I am finally on my path as an artist. Presently, I consider myself a student as I have begun a self-directed course of studies. I suppose I will be a student for the rest of my life, but I hope to someday reach some level of mastery.

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Below are links to my work:

portraits    pocket ancestors


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My other half!

Becky Reyes, Scott Muhleman, vintage music acoustic verve bisbee tubac arizona

You all know my partner, Scott Muhleman. He has his own website, If you're a harp enthusiast, visit his website. He's getting a group together, teaching blues harp and posting lessons!

scott muhleman muleman blues harp