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I created this directory to introduce you to my friends and my community. I live in this town. Everyone knows way too much about me in this town and most of them love me anyway. We are not all artists. Some of us are innkeepers, bartenders, servers, tour guides, scientists and parents. Some of us are artists and all those other things. Some of these people I don't know very well but I live in a tiny town and we all kind of know who everyone is. Here are some of my favorites. If you need a more detailed directory, go to the Bisbee Visitors Center site.  And if you're one of my friends who has a business here and you don't see yourself in this mini-directory, it's only because I haven't gotten to you yet! Drop me a line and remind me!

Bisbee Area Artists

Bisbee Lodging

Bisbee Food & Drink

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My other half!

Becky Reyes, Scott Muhleman, vintage music acoustic verve bisbee tubac arizona

You all know my partner, Scott Muhleman. He has his own website, If you're a harp enthusiast, visit his website. He's getting a group together, teaching blues harp and posting lessons!

scott muhleman muleman blues harp