Pocket Ancestors

I started making these little skulls every year around October. I would hide them around town hoping that they would be found and treasured by locals and tourists alike. I also gave many away to my closest friends. I carry them around when I need a little spiritual nurturing, a little connection to loved ones long gone. I have skulls for my mom, my beloved aunts Tia and Minnie, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, friends, even singers, musicians and artists. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly vulnerable I will hold a skull in my hand and say, "Okay, I need some guidance here", and invoke a certain person associated with whatever I'm working on at the time. It's a small comfort but poignant and inspiring when I connect.

They are made of polymer clay. Some have floral patterns painted on them but most are just little white skulls. I sell them for $5 each. Adding a name is free. Of course, you could also take your chances of finding one on the street in Bisbee during the month of October until November 2. If you do, it was meant to be yours.

pocket ancestors

pocket ancestors 

pocket ancestors

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You all know my partner, Scott Muhleman. He has his own website, MulemanBlues.com. If you're a harp enthusiast, visit his website. He's getting a group together, teaching blues harp and posting lessons!

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